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Mounting Rails

Mounting Rails

The active and passive components as well as the intelligent modules are mounted on terminal rails. Terminal rails are made from stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper or plastic and are available in diverse types to suit different applications.

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  1.  TS 32X15 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 32X15 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0122800000


    G Rail Learn More
  2. TS 35X7.5/LL/6 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 35X7.5/LL/6 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0514570000


    Omega Rail Slotted Learn More
  3. TS 35X7.5 2M/ST/ZN (Solid)

    TS 35X7.5 2M/ST/ZN (Solid)

    SKU : 0383400000


    Omega Rail Solid Learn More
  4. TS 35X15 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 35X15 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0236400000


    Deep Din Rail Solid Learn More
  5. TS 35X15/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 35X15/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0236500000


    Deep Din Rail Slotted Learn More
  6. TS 35X15/2.3 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 35X15/2.3 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0498000000


    Heavy Duty Din Rail Learn More
  7. TS 15X5/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 15X5/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0117500000


    15mm Din Rail Learn More
  8. TS 35X7.5 2M/AL/BK

    TS 35X7.5 2M/AL/BK

    SKU : 0330800000


    Omega Rail Solid Aluminium Learn More
  9. TS 35X7.5/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    TS 35X7.5/LL 2M/ST/ZN

    SKU : 0514500000


    Omega Rail Slotted Learn More

9 Item(s)

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