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Relay couplers are universal separation elements in electrical automation. It is precisely because of this universal application field that there are changing and diverse requirements.
When developing our TERMSERIES relay couplers and solid-state relays, we made the requirements of practical application our toughest benchmark.
Depending on your requirements, you can choose products with fixed voltage inputs or with variable voltage input. Its narrow 6 mm terminal format is the only one of its kind on the market today.
From the high-quality design – no sharp edges – and the large number of variants with screw and tension clamp connections to further features such as a clear status display even in difficult viewing conditions – our products reveal our practical development approach.
The symmetry of the product's contours means it can be installed in any direction.Unlimited cross-connection possibilities, even beyond partition plates, ensure flexible application – no matter how unusual your needs are.
Our pre-assembled plug-and-play solution with TERMSERIES interface adapter enables minimised wiring effort. The adapter has a universal fit and offers a genuine space advantage in interaction with the TERMSERIES products with identical contours.

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  1. TRS 24-230VUC 1CO

    TRS 24-230VUC 1CO

    SKU : 1122850000


    Coil Voltage 24 - 230 V DC Learn More
  2. TRS 60VUC 2CO

    TRS 60VUC 2CO

    SKU : 1123520000


    Coil voltage 60 V UC Learn More
  3. TRS 120VUC 2CO

    TRS 120VUC 2CO

    SKU : 1123530000


    Coil voltage 120 V UC Learn More
  4. TRS 230VUC 2CO

    TRS 230VUC 2CO

    SKU : 1123540000


    Coil voltage 230V UC Learn More
  5. TRS 120VAC RC 2CO

    TRS 120VAC RC 2CO

    SKU : 1123550000


    Coil voltage 120V AC RC Learn More
  6. TRS 230VAC RC 2CO

    TRS 230VAC RC 2CO

    SKU : 1123570000


    Coil voltage 230VAC RC Learn More
  7. ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/2 GE

    ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/2 GE

    SKU : 1193670000


    2 Way Cross Connector 1 C/O Yellow Learn More
  8. ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/10 GE

    ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/10 GE

    SKU : 1193680000


    10 Way Cross Connector 1 C/O Yellow Learn More
  9. ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/19 GE

    ZQV 1.5N/R6.4/19 GE

    SKU : 1193690000


    19 Way Cross Connector 1 C/O Yellow Learn More
  10. ZQV 1.5N/R12.8/10 GE

    ZQV 1.5N/R12.8/10 GE

    SKU : 1193700000


    10 Way Cross Connector 2 C/O Yellow Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 32 total

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