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Waveguard Electronic Fusing

Waveguard Electronic Fusing

WAVEGUARD is a selective electronic fuse that eliminates negative effects on parallel current paths and cuts out only the defective circuit. A reset input enables the load circuit to be reconnected again. Faults are signalled via a visual indicator and a floating contact. WAVEGUARD fuses are designed for rated currents between 1.6 and 8 A. A version with an adjustable rated current from 0.5 to 5 A rounds off the range.

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  1. WGS 24Vdc 1,6A

    WGS 24Vdc 1,6A

    SKU : 8618890000


    24VDC 1.6Amps Electronic fuse Learn More
  2. WGS 24Vdc 3,15A

    WGS 24Vdc 3,15A

    SKU : 8618910000


    24VDC 3.15Amps Electronic fuse Learn More
  3. WGS 24Vdc 6,3A

    WGS 24Vdc 6,3A

    SKU : 8618930000


    24VDC 6.3Amps Electronic fuse Learn More
  4. WGS 24Vdc 8,0A

    WGS 24Vdc 8,0A

    SKU : 8618940000


    24VDC 8Amps Electronic fuse Learn More
  5. WGS 24Vdc 0.5...5A

    WGS 24Vdc 0.5...5A

    SKU : 8710270000


    24VDC 0.5-5Amps Electronic fuse Learn More

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